Monday Mentoring

a community of practice for Western herbalists & herbally-minded nutritionists

Join us for the summer!

What's included in Monday Mentoring

When you join Monday Mentoring, you're committing to showing up for an hour per week to continue learning, be part of a community, and move your practice forward. It's as simple as that. 

Meetings Mondays at noon

We meet every Monday for an hour to discuss cases or to work on building your practice. All sessions are facilitated or taught by Camille (or the occasional guest teacher) so that we stay focused. You'll get an email at the start of every week with reminders and tips.

A community forum

We have a forum within Monday Mentoring for members to connect between meetings, share resources, and find support. You'll have a "Question of the Week" to get the conversation started. Participation is optional! 

Discounts for members

You'll receive a 50% discount on live webinars and herbal observation groups, as well as member pricing for other Bloom & Grow courses and workshops. Webinars and observation groups happen at least once monthly. 

Live Session Descriptions

We meet via Zoom every Monday at noon ET for an hour. All sessions are recorded in case you need to miss one!

Clinical Round Table
Bring your cases to get feedback and support, or listen and contribute as others share. You'll have the power of a group behind you when you're working with complicated cases. You'll learn from cases that others present.  Two Mondays/month. 

Apothecary Management
Bring questions about sourcing, harvesting and preparing herbs, as well as questions about running an apothecary and getting herbs to your clients. These sessions are facilitated by herbalist Stascha Stahl, who runs a busy apothecary in CA and a clinical practice.

Practice Management
In these sessions, we'll have a short lesson or teaching and then discuss any roadblocks, questions, and ideas related to building and growing your practice. One Monday/month.

Optional Breakout Room Sessions
After each MM meeting, you will have the option to stay for an additional 30 minutes. You'll be put in a breakout room with 2-3 other members to discuss what you've been working on this week, what you plan to do next week, and whether you need any support. 

 ~ Bonuses ~

When you join, you'll also get access to the bonuses below!

growing & building your practice Webinar Bundle

This bundle of three hour-long webinars will help you build and growing your practice. Topics covered: Finding your Practice Focus/Niching; Email Newsletters for Beginners, and Finding Clients without Social Media

Tools & Resources library

Access an ever-growing library of tools and resources for practitioners, including my intake form, planning and tracking document, a list of the services/platforms I use in my practice, etc.


This summer, we'll focus on content creation and visibility in our book club: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. We'll also have an optional creation & visibility challenge focusing on authentic content creation and consistency. Join one or both if you'd like to focus on your creative side this summer.

Join Monday Mentoring for the Summer 🌞

Sign up for the summer and tap into the resources of Monday Mentoring. You'll find a friendly community of thoughtful practitioners, plus a host of other opportunities to learn and grow. Take advantage of those that are interesting to you; skip the rest. There's no pressure to do it all! 

summer membership


  • Full Access to Monday Mentoring in June, July, and August
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Optional Co-Working, Book Club, and Visibility Challenge
  • Community Forum

About Camille Freeman, LDN, RH

Registered Herbalist & Licensed Nutritionist

I started this community so that highly-trained herbalists and nutritionists would have a place to gather, grow and find support with a committed group of other practitioners.

I'm a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist specializing in fertility & menstrual health. I've been in practice for 15+ years and am passionate about teaching and mentoring newer practitioners.

I have a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, as well as master's degrees in Physiology/Biophysics and Herbal Medicine. I'm also a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology and pathophysiology online. You can read more about me here.

"Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly."

Is Monday Mentoring a fit for you?

Monday Mentoring is a truly special community. AND! It's not a good fit for everyone. Use the list below to determine if Monday Mentoring is what you need at this point in your growth as a clinician. If the timing isn't right, you can always circle back later. 

You'll fit right in if you're:

  • A highly-trained herbalist, or
  • A highly-trained nutritionist who loves herbs
  • Done with your clinical training (or nearing completion!)
  • Actively seeing clients or will be in the near future
  • Ready to commit one hour per week to your growth as a clinician
  • Open-minded and ready to learn, share, and see what happens

Consider alternatives if you're:

  • Still early in your studies
  • Not trained as a clinician
  • Not seeing clients or won't be for several years
  • Practicing in a tradition other than Western herbalism
  • Too busy to commit one hour/week right now
  • Not fully in agreement that Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, abortion is health care, and COVID is real. 


Monday Mentoring is designed for advanced students and practitioners. If you're new to herbal medicine and aren't currently in practice - or at least planning to start seeing clients in the very near future - this isn't a good fit. If you're a practicing nutritionist who's new to herbal medicine, please join us. If neither of these apply, stay on my mailing list and circle back when the time is right! 

If you're an advanced nutrition student (meaning you're very close to licensure/graduation) and/or a practicing nutritionist with some training or background in herbal medicine, that counts! If you're not sure, contact me and we can discuss. 

While I have deep respect for herbal traditions outside my own, I am not trained or skilled in their implementation. You will likely be better off finding a mentor or program that is aligned with your training.  

While I recommend attending live as much as possible, I know that things come up and you may need to miss some sessions. All sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be available within 24 - 48 hours of each session within the MM site.   

The noon group does not have a cap on the size, although it is brand new and therefore likely to be small for quite a while. We have private groups that meet Monday evenings that have a maximum of 20 people. See more below! 

Yes, absolutely. If you'd like to stay in the group, you will have the option to sign up for the "regular" Monday Mentoring group in September. In this group, you pay monthly until you cancel.

Please feel free to join anyway, as long as you hope to be working with clients in the near future. Participating in our live sessions will help you develop your clinical skills as you begin your practice. 

Yes, you can! Although please know that this is not a structured program, and it is not designed specifically for this purpose. You can get feedback on your cases from Camille and others in the group when you bring them to round table, but this is not a formal 1:1 mentoring program. It is best used to "top off" your hours. Please keep a record of your hours associated with this program. I will happily sign off on these if needed. 

No worries. Don't join right now! Instead, why don't you get to know me and my work a bit first? I suggest signing up for a webinar, an herbal observation session, and/or joining my mailing list for a few months to get a feel for whether this might be a good fit. You can also contact me to set up a time to chat if you like.

Give Monday Mentoring a Try for the Summer!

If you're feeling called to join us, I hope you'll take a chance and give it a try. Many people aren't sure quite what to expect. However, once people join Monday Mentoring they tend to stick around.

When you show up every week, open to learning and sharing what you know with others who are doing similar work, things will change.

Let's see what happens.

It's been a dream! 

I now have direction, focus, and support for all the unknowns and insecurities that come with starting your own practice. This is such an intelligent, sensitive, and intuitive group, and I learn from all of them every single time we meet.

MM is truly a gold mine of information and perspective!!! It's honestly "the gift that keeps on giving" with both practice information and overall knowledge.

Camille makes this entire experience as special, intimate, and comfortable. When I eventually open my own practice after becoming a CNS, I know my participation in MM will have been one of the most crucial parts to my success and ability to get there.

I feel lucky and blessed every day to be a part of this group, truly.
- Elyce Shapiro


No long-term comittment required

The Monday Mentoring Summertime membership does not renew automatically. Try it out for the summer and see what you think! 

More Monday Mentoring Mentions

If you want practice and to gain more experience while you are growing your own practice, MM would be great for you.

Shannon Winston


Finding MM couldn’t have come at a better time, I just graduated and needed the support getting my feet wet with clients. It has enabled me to continue clinical training and to make some great friendships. The hour’s worth every week has been well worth it without creating added work outside of MM.

Karen Meaney


Camille is passionate about her topics, grounded in the science, and shares generously of her clinical experiences. She is so well prepared, always overdelivers, is amazing at answering questions. 

Tara Thomas